RRIF/RRSP/TFSA Eligibility

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The Tri City Monthly Income Mortgage Trust is approved for tax-advantaged investing in all Canadian registered accounts. Our mortgage trust is 100% RRSP-, RRIF-, LIRA-, RESP- and TFSA-eligible. Outside of a registered fund, distributions are received as interest income for tax purposes.

The Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust target yield of 8% is higher than historical bond and GIC yields, yet features lower volatility than the stock market. An added advantage of the fund is that the Managers are committed to investing in every approved mortgage in an amount equal to 20% of the first $15 million raised.

This ensures the principals of Tri City have a personal equity stake in the offering, and the loan-to-value ratio of each mortgage is effectively reduced from a maximum of 75% to 60%. Investors also receive preference over Managers on distributions and payments.

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Our Managers are committed

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lower volatility and risk than the stock market.
Managers Committed
of the first $15 million raised
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higher than historical bond
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