The Tri City Group of Companies presents

The Monthly Income Mortgage Trust.

When you think of the financial sector, “trust” isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Too often, big banks and self-interest stand in the way of what’s right for investors but we pride ourselves on a more sensible approach. We invest our money right alongside our investors, so that our success and your success are one and the same. It’s an approach we’ve used for over fifty years, one that’s given our investors steady returns year after year.

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Monthly Income Mortgage Trust

Fund Highlights

Higher Yields

A new opportunity for investors

A proven strategy of carefully selected mortgages backed up by real assets that leads to higher yields that outpace other investments, while also structured to preserve capital.

Strategic Security

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Our experienced, conservative approach ensures security and reduces volatility. The manager of Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust carefully selects every mortgage, and the property behind it.

Sensible Diversification

Our objective is to offer stable, monthly returns

A strict focus on sensible gains and consistent small wins from many lower-risk house mortgages versus bigger, riskier bets on development mortgages.

Proven Track Record

Over 50 years of mortgage
lending experience

Predictable Income

Mortgages are a firm contract to pay an agreed upon rate of interest backed by real estate

Consistent distributions of high yield income are paid monthly. Preferred unit holders are paid in advance of management. Your success precedes ours.

RRIF/RRSP/TFSA Eligibility

A new opportunity for investors

Approved for tax-advantaged investing in all types of Canadian registered accounts, including RRSP, TFSA, RESP and RRIF. Have your money grow tax free within your plan.

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Vancouver's Premier Mortgage Trust

50-year history of success

in real estate lending and investing

Mortgage lenders, developers and landholders in Western Canada since the 1960's
Current Loan to Value Ratio
*As of Dec 2016 for the Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust
Owned by Investors
Licensed and regulated mortgage lender through F.I.C.O.M and the BC securities commission

Why a Mortgage Trust

A new opportunity for investors

Mortgage trusts can be a lower risk investment than equity funds, and can offer superior, more predictable returns.
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 investment opportunity

Investor Package

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Monthly Seminars for investors

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For 50 Years

we have enjoyed steady returns

from funding short-term residential mortgages
Mortgage Proposals
presented to the fund manager. Last year we cherry picked 1 in 8 of those proposals to fund
Months is our average
mortgage hold period. No mortgage is written for longer than 13 months
Years of mortgage lending experience
Tri City Group is a licensed and regulated mortgage lender

See what investors are saying

Vancouver's Premier Mortgage Trust

Senior Management

We work to make your business start effectively working for you. Meet the financial and marketing specialists.
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman
Chairman, Tri City Group of Companies
Mr. Goodman has spent more than 40 years involved in all facets of real estate development, and provides the overall vision and leadership for the...
Sandy Oh
Sandy Oh
President and Director, Tri City Fund Management Ltd.
Mr. Oh brings together over 20 years of business experience in private and public companies to Tri City Group. In the 1990s, Mr. Oh worked as...
Michael Birch
Michael Birch
Vice President & Director, Tri City Mortgage Fund Ltd.
Mr. Birch brings to Tri City, more than fifty years of experience in the banking and mortgage industry, and has transacted in excess of $1.5...
Winston Wong
Winston Wong
Director,Tri City Fund Management Ltd. & Senior Real Estate Advisor
Mr. Wong is a 20-year veteran of the finance industry, having served in various positions including Marketing Manager, for Standard Chartered Bank...
Omar Lalani
Omar Lalani
Vice President Real Estate, Tri City Group of Companies
Mr. Lalani has been working in the building and development industry since 2002, after he obtained his undergraduate engineering degree from...

Investor Testimonials

Our sensible and conservative approach has helped earn our investors consistent returns for over 50 years.
We're proud to know it has also helped earn their trust.

Tri City is one of the most professional lending firms I’ve dealt with. They responded promptly to my inquiries, and were willing to work diligently with me to structure a loan that satisfied my client’s needs.

Leonard Engman

I have been a long-time investor in the stock market, and have had my share of ups and downs. The Tri City Mortgage Fund offers an attractive rate of return without the volatility we’ve seen in recent years.

Robbyn Battaglia

I feel the Tri City Mortgage Fund is an excellent complement to my portfolio. I appreciate the diversification that the Fund adds to my holdings, and the management expense ratio is very competitive.

Albert Chen

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