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Mr. Wong is a 20-year veteran of the finance industry, having served in various positions including Marketing Manager for Standard Chartered Bank (HK), a multi-billion dollar financial services firm throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In 1989 Mr. Wong was selected by the Magusta Group, a prominent Hong Kong conglomerate, to come to Vancouver and start Magusta Developments Canada Ltd. Under Mr. Wong’s direction, Magusta Developments built 100’s of high rise and low rise residential units in greater Vancouver and today has now completed over 1,600 multifamily and single family units across B.C. and Alberta. Magusta Developments continues to be a major real estate player in Western Canada.

Mr. Wong has been a trusted Senior Advisor to the Tri City Group since 2005. He has been a co-investor and advisor to Mr. Goodman for nearly thirty years. In addition to acting as Senior Advisor for the Real Estate Division of Tri City Group, he also sits on the Credit Committee for Tri City Fund Management Ltd., which evaluates all loans over $1 million.

Mr. Wong has also held board positions with several public companies, including Avcorp Industries Inc., the largest aerospace manufacturer in BC and Pyxis Capital Inc. Mr. Wong is also currently a Director of New Business Development for Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, for which he has been a member agent since 2004. As well as this, Mr. Wong is a Director of CUAM Greater China Opportunities Absolute Return Master Fund, managed by China Universal Assets Management, a fund manager in China.

Mr. Wong sits on the Board of Richmond Hospital.

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