Mortgage Lending

Flexible guidelines, financing choices, and a sensible approach to mortgage lending.

We are mortgage lenders who cater to residential, commercial and industrial borrowers who do not meet the restrictive qualifications of traditional lenders, such as chartered banks. To each mortgage loan application, we combine a 50-year history of success in real estate lending. Much of our success is due to outstanding customer service to meet the needs of our borrowers across Canada.

Our lenders are recognized for having flexible guidelines and a “make-sense” approach to lending. They provide financing choices and opportunities that meet the unique needs of a wide range of borrowers, from individual homeowners to property developers to investors in revenue-producing properties.

Flexible Guidelines

Unlike the banks, we are common sense lenders. We are also nimble and can arrange loans within very short timeframes.

Custom Financing

We offer unique plans of a wide
range of borrowers. Tell us your story, we understand financing predicaments and can often help.

A Sensible Approach

What matters most to us is the equity in the property of the borrower, often inter alia security can be arranged to add additional security for hard to finance loans.

We offer both residential and commercial mortgages:

Residential Mortgages

If your circumstances and qualifications do not meet the narrow framework of the chartered banks and other traditional lenders, we have mortgage solutions that meet a diverse range of residential borrowing needs. Whether you’re self-employed, have income from non-Canadian sources, or are in another unique financial situation, we can provide creative financing solutions promptly and efficiently.

Commercial Mortgages

Whether you’re looking to finance the purchase of a revenue-producing property, develop an existing property, or are in need of bridge financing, the experienced team of underwriters and real estate specialists at Tri City Fund Management Ltd. can help you structure a flexible, short-term loan to meet your business needs.

Residential Lending Guidelines

We accept mortgages originated primarily in the urban centres of BC and Alberta, loans of 50,000 to 1.5 million generally are loans of interest only.
Maximum Loan-to-Value
exceptions for inter alia security
of mortgage proposals
receive approval after vetting

Meet a Broker and

learn how the process works

Meet a broker

learn how the process works

Commercial Lending Guidelines

We accept mortgages originated primarily in the urban centres of B.C. and Alberta. Loan amounts of $250,000-$1.5 million. Amortizing or interest-only loans. Our general commercial lending guidelines include:
Maximum Loan-to-Value
(LTV) ratio
days between
filing and funding

Our Trust Managers

Our lending experts oversee all aspects of mortgage underwriting, including due diligence, origination, and funding and servicing.

Prompt, timely attention to every inquiry.

We understand the importance of responding promptly to mortgage inquiries. We will work closely with you to assess residential and commercial applications, giving each one our timely and individualized attention, with responses to inquiries within four hours.

Our Brokers

Within the Tri City Group, experienced commercial brokers offered an extensive range of real estate services from feasibility and market analysis and project management to asset management services such as site acquisition and re-development.

Get Your Questions Answered

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