Investor Spotlight: Bruce Macdonald

Investor Spotlight: Bruce Macdonald
Proudly welcoming Bruce Macdonald to the family.

“Vancouver real estate has produced a great return for our investment dollars over the years and we were fortunate to buy into the market at the right time.  Now, that we are getting older and don’t want all the headaches that go with property management but still need  a good return on investments.  The TRI City Monthly Mortgage Trust seemed like a great alternative – very secure but with a great rate of return on every dollar.”

– Bruce Macdonald

The Tri City Group welcomes Bruce Macdonald as our newest member to the Tri City Trust 2 Investors Club. He is a third generation Vancouverite and graduated from UBC with a degree in Engineering and a second in Education from SFU.  Bruce has worked as an engineer for the City of Vancouver, the Head Master of a private post secondary school but he is best known for his work as a Vancouver author, historian, and community leader.

Bruce has been a tireless advocate for Heritage conservancy for forty years.  It was his interest and determination to preserve neighbourhoods, and historical areas of the City like Brewery Creek that lead him investing in local real estate in the Grandview Woodlands and Mount Pleasant areas.  His first real estate purchases were historic homes that he purchased to save from developer’s wrecking balls.  He has invested heavily in the preservation of heritage homes in neighbourhoods around the City.

MacDonald is also a public speaker at conferences and public meetings and leads public walking tours of our City in partnership with the City, the universities, and various heritage organizations.  In his capacity as the vice president of the Vancouver Historical Society and member of the Grandview Woodlands Heritage Group, he has produced numerous articles on various aspects of Canadian Heritage in periodicals such as National Geographic, MacLean’s and wrote the histories of various Vancouver neighbourhoods for inclusion in Chuck Davis’s book, The Greater Vancouver Book.

As a community activist, Bruce successfully led the campaign to save the Hallow Tree in Stanley Park and fought to save other significant heritage sites.  His writing and lecturing on Brewery Creek in Falsecreek, gave a national attention the history that area of Vancouver and triggered a restoration of craft beer brewing in that quadrant of the City.

As a consultant to the City of Vancouver, Bruce has done primary research and created public markers, and historic plaques in Vancouver’s downtown and in Gastown that proclaim the historic significance of existing buildings or sites. Bruce and his wife Gayle live in a heritage home in the Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood where they have for over 25 years.

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