Monthly Income Trusts

Tri City Group of Companies

Real estate development, mortgage lending
and income property ownership

* E. & O. E.  This advertisement does not represent an offering.  Subject to all applicable securities regulations and exemptions.

The two trusts managed by Tri City Fund Management Ltd, the Tri City Mortgage Investment Fund Ltd and the Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust consist of separate mortgages. Funds are not comingled. Thus the performance of one is not related to the performance of the other. The same individuals are responsible for managing both trusts and therefore share the same investment philosophies when picking the mortgages for both trusts.

The distribution numbers expressed as an interest rate in these documents are based on all distributions being reinvested for one year. This is done in order to compare them to how the banks would speak about returns for a one year GIC. Income not reinvested and paid out monthly, would calculate out on a yearly basis slightly lower. The distributions are not interest but income coming from a pool of diverse mortgages.

Each series and class of units has different characteristics. Therefore, distributions and returns differ as well.

This investment may only be bought through qualified registered investment advisors. The trust is being sold via an offering memorandum (OM) exemption which allows it to be sold to the public. The business proposition is thoroughly explained in the OM.

The documents provided here are simplified explanations of what can be a complicated field of investing. Have your trusted financial advisor go over the pluses and minuses of the investment.

Past performance is no indication of future performance.

Management in the past has waived some of the fees entitled to it as described in the OM in order to provide a better returns to investors. It reserves the right to do so in the future.