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Real estate development, mortgage lending
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Tri City Group is a diversified, privately-held firm that is comprised of 25 real estate investment, financing and development companies. Established in the 1960s, Vancouver, B.C.-based Tri City Group is engaged in real estate development, mortgage lending and income property ownership.

The principals of Tri City Group have extensive experience in the real estate industry. Together, with the Tri City team, they provide a diverse set of talents with an extensive background investment, real estate lending and income property management for our borrowers and investors.

Currently, Tri City Group has three significant residential and commercial projects under development in B.C. and Alberta, representing a total of more than 750 units and has funded more than $100 million in residential, commercial and industrial mortgages.

Our Investment Profile

Review our asset mixes and
distribution rates.

Understanding Mortgage Trust Investing 

Accessing Wealth in Real Estate – a comprehensive guide to the cost benefit  of investing in Mortgage Trusts

Tri City Group Investment Committee 

Meet the people on the mortgage investment committee and learn more about how the mortgages are selected.

Tri City Approaches to Giving

Understand and compare various forms
of charitable giving in Canada.


We believe trust is earned

When you think of financial services, trust isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Too often the self interest of the “financial industry” and the big banks stand in the way of what’s right for investors. Unlike those big institutions, we don’t see transparency as a hurdle preventing success. Which means our success is tied completely to the success of the clients.

We think you should know where your money’s going, and where you returns are coming from.

The fact is, we put our money into the same investment we put our clients’ money. Which means our success is tied to yours, completely.

Ruth and Henry
Goodman Fund

For Social and Ecological Justice

The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund was established in 2006 by Michael Goodman to build upon and carry on his parents’ efforts and contributions to social and ecological justice. The Fund honours Ruth and Henry’s resistance to war and anti-Semitism as well as their commitment to the environment, and assists those organizations that are working to create a more just and equitable world.

Among the many organizations that have benefitted from the Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund include Lawyers Rights Watch Canada, Pivot Legal Society, David Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver Folk Music Festival and the Canadian Cancer Society.

News & Updates

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